Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound


Here at the Women’s Care Center Pregnancy Medical Help Clinic you will receive a Free pregnancy test by one of our Nurses. If you are seven weeks or more pregnant by your last menstrual period our Nurses will also offer you a Free “Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound” as a confirmation to the pregnancy test. Together we can look inside the womb.

Our level of training allows us to evaluate the following “limited” information:

1.We want to see that your baby is inside your uterus.
Some women have become pregnant in other places such as their fallopian tubes, called a Tubal or Ectopic Pregnancy, so it is very important to confirm that your baby is inside your uterus.
2.We want to show you a measurement of your gestation,
that is how many weeks pregnant you are. This will allow us to estimate your due date.
3.We want you to be able to see your baby’s heart beating
and do a measurement of how many times it beats per minute.

This covers our area of skill. When you begin your prenatal care, your doctor will perform a more extensive examination that will give you information that is not included in our “Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound.”

You will receive two free ultrasound pictures as keepsakes.

You must call and schedule an appointment to be seen by a Nurse. Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds are currently only offered in our Dayton Office. We are looking forward to meeting you and thank you for the opportunity to see your baby with you for the first time.

Here to Serve You,
The Nursing Staff at Women’s Care Center